Spirituality beyond Meditation

Spirituality beyond Meditation a fairly common technique for mental development, which is now a claimed common theme in the West. It is considered a way of understanding oneself to end pain and bring inner peace. But when looking at the lives of those who are in favor of the benefits of meditation, it is easy to wonder if it is Spirituality beyond Meditation all true. Is your life different from ours? So we have to examine everything to find out the truth.

Spirituality beyond Meditation

What is meditation? The final etymology relates to the measurement of the mind as thoughts, feelings, and fears. By definition, one can call meditation the art of silencing the mind Spirituality beyond Meditation in the process of observing and listening to thoughts. In light of such a definition, we can wonder if this is the real meaning. Can such a thing be defined? When one looks at all the religions of the world from east to Spirituality beyond Meditation west, one can see that meditation as we know it is meaningless.


There is nothing sacred or sacred about such a thing that clearly has not led us anywhere. Both Old and New Age thinkers have proposed on one level or another the idea Spirituality beyond Meditation of ​​meditation as a necessary discipline to create spiritual awakening

Looking at all those who are interest in this thing called meditation, we can see in their lives that meditation has no meaning on a deep level. How is your life fundamentally different from that of those who do not practice meditation? They may sit as Spirituality beyond Meditation if they are calm, peaceful, and silent, but at one point they are quick to anger, rage, and war.

meditative technique

Through this meditative technique, we have managed to deceive ourselves to the depths of our being. In this meditation, Spirituality beyond Meditation the continuity of who we are is disguise as something scar. By our means we discover that our objective is the same as always. The meditation we practice has an end in mind. A desired result for being peaceful and non-violent.


A projection of ourselves reflected in us. Being trap in the psychological, Spirituality beyond Meditation we harbor the belief that we are do something spiritual that will be the opposite of who we are. And then the world continues as we know it with all its hatred, bitterness and pain inside of us.


Through various means of meditation and oppression, we succeed in creating an air of indifference Spirituality beyond Meditation by always being as worldly as our fellow men. And so seeing the falsehood of all that meditative practice puts an end to it. Like a moth on fire,  the light of truth burns all that is false. When we see immediately that such a practice leads nowhere, Spirituality beyond Meditation it must inevitably stop.

Spirituality beyond Meditation mind

Whenever we use a particular form or style of meditation, it is obviously not meditation. It is a matter of Spirituality beyond Meditation mind and no-mind. A continuation of thought and illusion. It leads us to our own expectations of greatness. An Illusion of Our Desires The idea that we are doing something that others have told us will bring us peace has failed


So we have to ask ourselves, is there a way to free ourselves from all of this? Is there a meditation that is not  compose of the mind and its projections? Meditation must be something completely different.








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