Spiritual Meditation Technique

Spiritual Meditation Technique every other day they ask me to reveal a new meditation technique. Meditation can be used for a number of purposes, but for the sake of this article I will cover a simple yet very powerful meditation technique that uses Spiritual Meditation Technique the law of attraction in a unique way. I rarely use the term “law of attraction” because most of the time it creates limited awareness and understanding of how it works. I think it is more fitting to call it “The Laws of the Mind”.

Your mind is what attracts. Think about it for a moment. Can you think of something you do that your mind has nothing to do with? There is absolutely nothing you can do Spiritual Meditation Technique without the mind. This is the main reason why the term “law of attraction” creates so much confusion. There are countless products on the market that deal with the limited period. Take your mind off, then you don’t exist, period !!

meditation technique

Okay, let’s go to this little but powerful meditation technique that I promised you. * Whatever you do, don’t take Spiritual Meditation Technique the simplicity of this technique for granted. I use this technique over and over again and it never fails me.


Close your eyes and imagine physically as the space around you. Yes, imagine that your whole being fills all the space around you. ** You may not see how this connects, but over Spiritual Meditation Technique time it will. Ninety percent of the universe is space and the rest is matter. Anyone who is involved in quantum physics or rocket science already knows this as common fact.

Spiritual Meditation Technique

Once you imagine yourself as the space approximately you, hold it in your imagination until you feel a Spiritual Meditation Technique sense of timelessness. * It usually takes approx. 10 seconds. It can be longer for those who are new to meditation. Once you have a sense of timelessness, just say what you want to bring to your reality. Now this is where it is getting a bit difficult, but it is common for new users, so don’t worry.


The moment you say or think what you want, be aware of your feelings. If you feel a bit uncomfortable, it is a sign that you have a conflicting belief in your wishes (meaning that Spiritual Meditation Technique you may not fully believe that your wish is possible). Don’t panic, because when you continue to do it daily, the discomfort disappears and is replaced with the belief that it is possible) * You don’t have to force yourself to believe in anything. This is contrary to what many gurus suggest today.

Spiritual Meditation

Once you’ve said or thought about your wish, just hold that feeling for another 10 seconds and release it completely, turn on the TV, and flick through the channels. It does. Repeat this process as Spiritual Meditation Technique many times as you like until your manifestation takes place in your reality. There is no limit to the numeral of times you can do this.


There are many ways (and several advanced methods) to express your wishes. This technique is just one of them.


Special Tip: You will know that you are using the technique correctly when you start to see Spiritual Meditation Technique signs of it. These signs are called synchronicity. ** Please note that. I see most of my signs on television. I think it is because watching television is a very common practice. And I also see synchronicities Spiritual Meditation Technique in other places. There is no limit to where you see them. It’s infinite





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