Loving-kindness meditation and the Gamma Wave

Of all the brain Loving-kindness meditation and the Gamma Wave frequencies displayed by the human brain. Perhaps the most fascinating is the gamma wave, around 40 Hertz. In a gamma state, the brain appears capable of remarkable synergy and exhibits a high level of holistic function. It links multiple senses, perceptions, and memories. In short, we become almost superhuman. Interestingly, this condition is commonly observed in experienced Tibetan monks who participate in a “Loving-kindness meditation” meditation. As we will see, gamma waves are not the only advantage of this practice.

What is Loving-kindness meditation?

Loving-kindness meditation, or Metta Bhavana in Buddhist terms. It is an ancient practice that aims to teach us that happiness comes from loving and empathizing with others. It is, in fact, the basic meditation in a four-part series, where the next steps are compassion (empathy for the suffering of others); empathic joy (rejoicing for the well-being of others); and balance (acceptance of both joy and suffering, whether your own or someone else’s). Loving-kindness meditation creates harmony in our relationships with ourselves and with others and replaces anger, rage, and pain with patience, consideration, and forgiveness.

Since we look at the effects of Loving-kindness meditation also from a more scientific point of view. It is worth noting that none other than a scientist Albert Einstein prescribed essentially the same practice:

How to practice love meditation

Cultivating Loving-kindness meditation begins with what should be the easiest subject, yourself, and works from there in the following progression:


A good friend

Someone you have problems with

Loving-kindness meditation techniques

Various techniques are used to cultivate the feeling of Loving-kindness meditation. Visualize yourself or the other person being happy and smiling at you. Consider the positive qualities of the person. Use your own affirmations to reinforce warm feelings toward yourself and others. And use mantras, repeat words or phrases like “loving kindness” and pause between repetitions to see the impact on your emotions. It is advisable that you refrain from thinking about the people. Who attract you romantically, since desire is not the feeling we seek to evoke!

The ultimate goal was wonderfully expressed by one of the leading Buddhist sites, wildmind.org: “In time, we will become an emotional bonfire – a constant flame of emotional warmth that will embrace all beings we are aware of.”

A new twist in meditation

While several prominent Buddhist meditation guides recommend guided meditation CDs. They do not seem to have understood the potential of adding brain wave movement techniques to the soundtrack. This is almost certainly because they approach meditation from a traditional Buddhist perspective, including the recitation of prayers written by the Buddha himself. But we must not necessarily allow respect for traditions that are more than 2,500 years old to blind us to the teachings of modern science. If we can see from the EEG scans of experienced meditators that Loving-kindness meditation. It gives rise to gamma waves, wouldn’t it make sense to encourage their formation? Listening to brain wave sound designed to cause gamma waves does not have to in any way distract from familiar visualization and confirmation processes.

In fact, I think it greatly improves the process by increasing concentration and encouraging the entire brain to think and feel. And that should be good news, because the world really doesn’t have to wait another day for more love and compassion.

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