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Dhammapada or Loving Kindness Meditation is one of the two simplest Loving Kindness Meditations in Buddhism. This form of Loving Kindness Meditation helps create positive changes in the lives of practitioners and helps them develop feelings of love for all other living beings. The main purpose of the Dhammapada is to cultivate love and, despite coming from a Buddhist tradition, it can be adopted and practiced by anyone, regardless of religion or affiliation with it. This form of Loving Kindness Meditation should be practiced without expectations. This is a truly selfless practice that results in an ideal or pure love that we are all capable of. We start by loving ourselves and then we extend this pure love to include others, starting with the people who are special to us and finally extending it to all living things.

How to begin Loving kindness Meditation

To begin this mediation, find the position in which you feel most comfortable. You can kneel or sit with a Loving Kindness Meditation pillow if you wish. One of the goals that Loving Kindness Meditation seeks to achieve is to make the practitioner feel good, so being in a comfortable position is essential to any Loving Kindness Meditation practice. Focus your mind on bringing your awareness to the present. For a few minutes, you focus on something nice to watch. Things like plants, a Buddha statue, or candles will work perfectly for this. Concentrate on breathing as you do this. Take a deep inner breath followed by a longer outer breath. Try to slow down your breathing and your mental processes.

Don’t let the mind wonder and dismiss the thoughts that arise during this part of the Loving Kindness Meditation. Now close your eyes and scan your body to be fully aware of it. Start with your toes and slowly work your way up through your legs, torso, arms, shoulders, neck, and head. As you go through each part of your body, you feel the tension disappear and you become even more relaxed as you go. Consider what you will accomplish during this Loving Kindness Meditation. With your eyes gently closed during Loving Kindness Meditation, begin to cultivate the feeling of Loving Kindness. There are many ways to do this. One way is to remember times when you felt Loving Kindness and try to recreate this kind of emotion during Loving Kindness Meditation time.

You can also use linguistic that signifies the sensation of Loving Kindness. Keep breathing in and out as you enter these sentences, and think or repeat it several times to feel the full effect. Feel the meaning of these words spread through your body, mind, and heart.

First Phase of Loving Kindness Meditation

In the first phase of Loving Kindness Meditation, cultivate Loving Kindness towards yourself. It is important to feel good about yourself. This is important because the way we feel about ourselves is the way we treat others. In the second part of this Loving Kindness Meditation, cultivate Loving Kindness toward someone you know and toward whom you have positive feelings. Consider this person about good qualities or visualize him as radiant with joy. At first, it may be better to focus on someone who is just an acquaintance or close friend. In the second stage, cultivate Loving Kindness towards a neutral person who does not trigger positive or negative emotions.

It should be someone you meet or see regularly, such as a neighbor, a fellow student, or someone you meet regularly. Then use the same process with someone you are having trouble with. Many people find that their relationship with this person is improved by practicing the Dhammapada for a hostile person. Go ahead and cultivate Loving Kindness towards yourself, your friend, and your enemy at the same time. Feel how everything in this world is interconnected and by loving yourself, you also love all the other living things that you come into contact with throughout your life.

Final Phase of Loving Kindness Meditation

Finally, spread your Loving Kindness meditation external until it spreads all living things. To do this, think of different people in different parts of the world who lead their lives in different ways. In many ways, they do, act, and care about the exact same things and this understanding should bring you closer to them and help you achieve this feeling of love for them.

After this final phase, sit still for a few minutes and reflect on the experience you gained during this Loving Kindness Meditation. Little by little, become aware of your surroundings and gently return to your life in the outside world. Try to hold on to this feeling of love and well-being as you walk the rest of the day.

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